Wael Sami Elkholy will release his CD «wurzeln» on November 29th 2019

The ablum will be published on unit records and we are now running a crowdfunding on wemakeit to cover its production costs.
ab3ad are featured on the album in the song "Fallwind" with their new bass player Joël Banz.

New Face

ab3ad were joined in late 2018 by young bass wiz Joël Banz and have subsequently rearranged and rehearsed their entire repertoire. You will hear from us in 2020 again.

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A touching, agile voice intwined with lines of an oud floating atop a tissue woven at times tightly, at times loosely by bass and percussion – this is ab3ad. Rooted in classical Arab music the three musicians Wael Sami Elkholy, Emre Aydin and Titus Bellwald elegantly interweave twigs branching towards jazz, pop, contemporary classical music and even ambient into the shapes that their music evokes. Wael's voice seamlessly bridges from sonorous depths to light airy heights, at times driven on by bass and countless colours of percussion, at times opposing them like vigorous opponents. Thereby ab3ad creates a hauntingly intense and deeply spiritual music whose charm is hard to resist.


Alte Liebe – Ancient Love – حب قديم

the first album of ab3ad (feat. Björn Meyer on Bass)

With "Alte Liebe – Ancient Love – حب قديم" ab3ad honours loves from the past, not so much looking back on lost romance but revisiting people and places with their sounds and perfumes and athmospheres. The music presented on their current CD "ANCIENT LOVE – ALTE LIEBE – حب قدیم" reflects how the memories of these crucial old – and sometimes even ancient – loves shapes our personal present. Each piece tells of important events and periods and how the memories of them sometimes seem to run in seemingly never ending circles within us. But at a closer look these recurring memories change ever so slightly with every revolution they make inside us.


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